Best Moringa Powder Brands (And How to Tell the Good from the Bad)

best moringa powder

Because Moringa oleifera is considered one of the best superfoods, there are dozens of brands which sell it.  If you are confused about which Moringa powder to buy, here’s what you need to know about how to choose the best Moringa powder plus my top picks based on quality parameters.


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How to Choose a Moringa Powder Supplement

When trying to decide on a brand of Moringa powder, these are the most important things to keep in mind.


Avoid Bulk Providers

A lot of brands buy their Moringa powder from bulk providers (usually in India).  They then repackage the Moringa powder, slap their brand name on it, and sell it at a profit.

The problem with these bulk providers is that the Moringa sold is usually of low quality.  It might be sitting around in a warehouse for months before it even makes it to the reseller.  The Moringa is often mass produced with methods like oven-drying which destroy nutrients.

Choose Single-Source Origin

Instead of getting their Moringa from bulk warehouses, good brands of Moringa supplements will get their Moringa from a single source. Or they might work with a few specific farms across the world.  This allows them to control how the Moringa is grown so they can guarantee a quality product.

Packaging Matters

The antioxidants in Moringa easily get destroyed by light and oxygen.  The best brands of Moringa will package their powder in air-tight packaging which won’t let any light through. Avoid Moringa powder in clear jars or plastic.

Moringa powder in jar
This brand packages their Moringa powder in jars, where it is exposed to light. Notice it is a brownish color instead of green – NOT a good sign!

Avoid Heat-Treated Moringa

Cheap brands of Moringa dry the leaves by putting them in ovens.  The high heat dries the leaves quickly but destroys nutrients in the process.  By contrast, good brands of Moringa will dry the leaves in the shade.  The process is labor-intensive as the leaves must be turned frequently to prevent fungal growth.

Heavy Metal Testing

As with shilajit and turkey tail mushroom supplements, Moringa supplements often contain high amounts of heavy metals.  This is especially true of Moringa which is grown in India or China as these areas can have insanely high levels of environmental toxins which get into the soil and then into plants grown there.  Good brands of Moringa powder will provide third-party test results for heavy metals.  You may have to contact the brand to get these test results though as each batch of product gets tested individually.


Does Moringa Powder Go Bad?

Raw Moringa oleifera leaves go bad fairly quickly.  Moringa powder is made from dried leaves which have been ground up.  Dried Moringa powder will not go bad in the sense it will make you sick. However, the nutrients in Moringa do degrade over time, especially if exposed to air, heat or light.  For this reason, old Moringa powder won’t have as many – or any — health benefits as fresh Moringa powder.

Good brands of Moringa powder will take steps to keep their products fresh.  These steps may include:

  • Using airtight packaging which doesn’t let light through
  • Manufacturing Moringa in smaller batches to ensure freshness
  • Sourcing Moringa from sellers with quick shipping times

Signs Moringa Powder Has Gone Bad

  • Brown Color: Moringa powder should be a vivid green color. Moringa which is brown has already oxidized or was made from old, dead leaves.
  • Sour Taste: Moringa leaves contain a substantial amount of omega 3s and other healthy fatty oils. Over time (especially in high temperatures) the oils will start to go rancid. When this happens, the Moringa will get an unpleasant sour taste.
Moringa powder color
Fresh Moringa powder is a vibrant green color and not brown


Best Moringa Powder Supplements

1. Kuli Kuli Moringa Powder

Kuli Kuli is a smaller brand that specializes in Moringa powder.  Aside from producing a high-quality product, the brand is worth buying because of their ethical practices.  They work with women-led farming cooperatives  and use sustainable practices.  The brand says that their Moringa trees are located in Haiti, Nicaragua and Ghana. However, the current batch of their Moringa powder only says it is from Ghana.

  • Type: Loose powder
  • Country grown: Ghana
  • Certified organic: Yes
  • Tested for heavy metals: Yes
  • Package sizes: 4oz or 7.4oz
  • Buy Here

2. Pura Vida Moringa Powder

Pura Vida is one of the only brands of Moringa which gets their product from a single source.  All  of the Moringa leaves in their powder come from one farm in Nicaragua – a country known for its rich soils.  Because they work exclusively with this farm, it is easier for them to ensure fresh products.  They claim that the Moringa you get in a bottle was probably picked less than 2 months ago.   The brand also does heavy metal testing and readily shares the results with customers.   Because of the high quality, Pura Vida Moringa powder is more expensive per ounce than most other brands.

  • Type: Loose powder
  • Country grown: Nicaragua
  • Certified organic: Yes
  • Tested for heavy metals: Yes
  • Package sizes: 8oz
  • Buy Here

3. Pura Vida Moringa Powder Capsules

Pura Vida also offers their high-quality Nicaraguan Moringa powder in a capsule form.  It is certainly more easy to take Moringa as a capsule. However, note that you are only getting a bit more than 2oz in the entire bottle.  This makes it more than 3x pricier than their loose powder.

  • Type: Loose powder
  • Country grown: Nicaragua
  • Certified organic: Yes
  • Tested for heavy metals: Yes
  • Package sizes: 120 capsules of 500mg each (2.12oz)
  • Buy Here

4. Muna Moringa Powder

Muna is a newer brand of Moringa powder.  Because they’ve only been around since 2019, they aren’t as wellknown as some other brands.  The brand gets all of their Moringa from small farmers in Ecuador, a country known for its fertile soil.  The color of this powder is really vibrant – a sign of the quality.

  • Type: Loose powder
  • Country grown: Ecuador
  • Certified organic: Yes
  • Tested for heavy metals: N/G
  • Package sizes: 4oz or 7.4oz
  • Buy Here

5. Zen Principle Moringa Leaf Powder

This is one of the cheapest brands of Moringa powder. It is sourced from India and likely from a bulk supplier – though the company does claim that they get their Moringa from “small organic farms.” Compared to other cheap Moringa powders, this one has a good color and taste to it. They sell a lot of the powder (it’s one of the top Moringa products on Amazon) so are probably able to keep their products fresh from the quick turnaround.

  • Type: Loose powder
  • Country grown: India
  • Certified organic: Yes
  • Tested for heavy metals: Yes
  • Package sizes: 16oz
  • Buy Here

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