Pine Pollen Benefits (Beyond Boosting Testosterone)

pinep pollen health benefits

I was first introduced to pine pollen while living in South Korea.  There, as in many other Asian countries, it is common to find sweets made from pine pollen.  You can also find pine pollen in many natural pharmacies.  It has been used for centuries for its many health benefits, especially for increasing testosterone.  Not all ancient medicines live up to their hype but pine pollen is an exception.  Here is what modern research says about pine pollen benefits.

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Pine Pollen Health Benefits


Pine pollen is rich in nutrients, including: amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, antioxidants, carotenoids, and B vitamins and other vitamins.  It is sometimes called the “only perfectly complete food.” Adding it to your diet can improve overall health and treat nutritional deficiencies. (1, 2)


Increase Testosterone Levels

This is the best known health benefit of pine pollen. It contains high amounts of androgens, including:

  • Testosterone
  • Androstenedione
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone  (DHEA)
  • Androsterone

These androgens regulate growth and reproduction in men as well as women. They also have numerous other functions in the body such as improving energy levels, helping the body heal after injury, and regulating mood. (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)



Pine pollen contains many antioxidants which fight oxidative stress.  These antioxidants also have proven anti-inflammatory benefits, such as treating arthritis.  Numerous other diseases – from psoriasis to depression – are linked to inflammation.  Pine pollen can down-regulate inflammation and help treat the inflammation which is the root cause of these diseases.  (8, 9)


Liver Health

One of the oldest uses for pine pollen is treating liver problems.  Research shows that pine pollen protects the liver in several ways.  Firstly, the antioxidants protect the liver against damage from alcohol.  It also may help the liver by improving fatty acid metabolism and reduce the amount of fat deposited in liver cells.

There is also some evidence that pine pollen helps prevent scarring in the liver and can help heal liver scar tissue, such as found in cirrhosis. (10, 11)


Balance Gut Bacteria

We’ve only recently started to understand the very important role gut bacteria have for our overall health.  Gut dysbiosis – unbalanced gut bacteria – is linked to autism, depression, heart disease, autoimmune disease and much more.   Some research shows that pine pollen can help regulate gut bacteria and, through this, is able to improve immunity. (12, 13)  Also read: Atractylodes: The Gut Superfood


Treat Infertility in Men

One of the traditional uses for pine pollen is improving male fertility.  Because it contains testosterone and other hormones, pine pollen could increase sperm production and motility.  Unfortunately, there is very little research to support these benefits of pine pollen. However, there have been many studies on date palm pollen which show it does improve sperm quality. (14, 15)


Acne and Skincare

It is becoming common to find pine pollen in man skincare products.  The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of pine pollen also work topically.  So, putting pine pollen on  your skin could reduce acne as well as signs of aging. (16)



Antioxidants such as the ones found in pine pollen are important for fighting the signs of aging. Some researchers even linked the long lifespan of people in Eastern Europe with their regulator consumption of pollen.

There is also research showing that taking pine pollen slowed down aging in cells.  The anti-inflammatory activity also seems to protect against mental decline. (18, 19, 20, 21)


How to Take Pine Pollen

A typical dosage of pine pollen is 5-20 grams per day.  Note that pine pollen grains have a “shell” around them which can block the body from absorbing it.  To improve absorption, you should mix pine pollen with warm water (or another liquid).   For this reason, it’s not recommended to take pine pollen in capsules.  You can open the capsules and mix the contents with water, but it’s cheaper to just buy loose pine powder instead.

It is also possible to find “cracked pine pollen.”  These products mechanically break down the pollen shell so it is absorbed better.  Even in this case, you should still mix pine pollen with a liquid before consuming. (22)


Best Pine Pollen Powders

Below are reputable brands of pine pollen.  All of them are cracked for improved absorption. The brands also list the species of pine tree used, which is a sign of quality control.


1.  Horbaach Cracked Pine Pollen

  • 6oz container
  • From Pinus Massoniana
  • Wild harvested
  • Buy here

2. Incas Cracked Pine Pollen

  • 6oz bag
  • From Pinus Massoniana
  • USDA certified organic
  • Wild harvested
  • Buy here

3.  Samsara Cracked Pine Pollen

  • Various sizes available
  • From Pinus Massoniana
  • Buy here


2 thoughts on “Pine Pollen Benefits (Beyond Boosting Testosterone)

  • June 13, 2023 at 12:44 am

    When looking for the pollen, would there be anything left because it’s now what June?! I found some that were smaller, but when I was able to pick them off the tree course I’m in the city, are they better picked out in the country or can you use the ones on the trees from the city?!

    • June 14, 2023 at 11:13 am

      Pine trees usually have their pollen in early spring, so June is too probably too late (in some climates they might have pollen later, but you are probably out of luck). Trees in the city will also have pollen. Some people are sticklers about never using plants from the city because the plants absorb chemicals from the ground. I personally wouldn’t worry too much about that with pollen. For other medicinal plants though — such as ones where you use the root/stems/leaves/flowers — I would never harvest them from the city. Ideally, you even try to avoid plants which grow close to roadways.


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