7 Best Bacopa Supplements (High Bacoside Content)

best bacopa supplements

Bacopa monierri is one of the best known and most-researched nootropics – substances which boost memory and cognitive function.   There are also numerous other health benefits of bacopa such as reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.  These benefits primarily come from unique phytochemicals called bacosides. Here is what you need to know to make sure you are actually getting a bacopa supplement with high bacoside levels, plus info on dosage and how to take bacopa so your body absorbs it.


Quick Pick:

Nutricost Bacopa: It’s standardized to 50% bacosides so you know you are getting a potent product.  To improve absorption, always take bacopa with something fatty, such as a bit of ghee or olive oil.

Types of Bacopa Monnieri Supplements

There are four main types of bacopa supplements: powders, teas, liquid extracts and standardized extracts.  Of these, liquid and standardized extracts are best.  Powders and teas are generally not recommended because they are less potent.


1. Bacopa Powders

bacopa monnieri powder

Most bacopa supplements are powders.  The herb is dried and then ground into a powder.  Often, the powder is put into capsules for convenience.

The problem with bacopa powders is that you have no way of knowing how much bacosides you are getting.  The bacoside content can vary drastically depending on which part of the plant was used, where the plant was grown, when it was harvested…   It doesn’t matter whether the bacopa powder is organic or not if it doesn’t contain much bacosides.


2. Bacopa Tea (Dried Leaves)

Like with bacopa powder, there is no way of knowing how much bacosides are in bacopa tea.  Another issue is that bacosides are mostly fat-soluble, so they won’t be extracted or absorbed well as a tea.   On top of that, bacopa is very bitter.  Drinking the herb as a tea is very unpleasant. For these reasons, bacopa tea is not recommended.


3. Bacopa Liquid Extracts

Liquid bacopa extracts are made by soaking the dry herb in a solvent (usually alcohol or glycerin) then straining it.  While you can’t know the exact amount of bacosides in the final product, extracts are generally very potent and well-absorbed by the body.  They also have the advantage of being affordable, convenient to take, and having a long shelf life.


4. Standardized Bacopa Extracts

Standardized bacopa monnieri supplements have been tested to ensure they contain a certain minimum amount of bucosides.   Sometimes they are standardized for other phytochemicals (such as other glycosides) as well.

With a standardized bacopa extract, you know you are getting a potent product.  The downside is that they tend to be much pricier.


Bacopa Monnieri Dosage

There is not set dosage for bacopa monnieri, but most recommend 300mg per day when standardized for 55% bacosides.  If the supplement contains less than 55% bacosides, then a higher dosage needs to be used.   Because non-standardized bacopa supplements are less potent, it is common for the “recommended” dosage to be 1000mg or more per day.  The dosage of liquid bacopa extracts is usually 1ml (about 30 drops) taken 1-3 times per day.


Do I Need to Take Bacopa with Ghee?

Traditionally, bacopa monnieri is taken with ghee.  The reason for this is because the bacosides in bacopa are mostly fat-soluble.  So, taking bacopa with ghee will help the body absorb it better (improve bioavailability).  However, there is no reason you have to take it specifically with ghee.  Taking it with any fatty food will also improve absorption.


Side Effects of Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa usually doesn’t cause any adverse side effects.  When it does, it is usually upset stomach or nausea.  To prevent this, take bacopa with food.  It’s also smart to start with low dosages whenever starting a new natural supplement and gradually increase to the recommended dosage.


Best Bacopa Monnieri Supplements

The following bacopa monnieri supplements are from reputable brands, have standardized bacoside content or are in bioavailable forms, and most provide third-party test results to ensure the bacopa is free of contamination.


1. Nutricost Bacopa

Don’t let the cheap price fool you.  Nutricost makes great supplements at affordable prices.  Their bacopa is actually one of the most potent available since it is standardized to 50% bacosides.

  • Contains: 500mg bacopa powder (standardized to 50% bacosides)
  • 120 caps per container
  • Vegan
  • Third-party tested
  • Buy Here


2. Banyan Botanicals Bacopa Liquid Extract

If you prefer a liquid bacopa extract, this one by Banyan Botanicals is great.  It has a very high menstruum ratio (meaning there is a lot of dry herb per solvent).  The company is also known for getting its herbs from reputable sources.

  • Glycerin extract
  • Menstruum ratio 1:2
  • 1oz bottle
  • Certified organic
  • Sustainably sourced and fairly traded
  • Buy Here (also available here on Amazon)


3. Symnutrition Bacopa

While it only contains 330mg of bacopa, this is still a potent supplement because it is standardized to 50% bacosides.  It is also very affordable because there are 120 capsules per bottle.

  • Contains: 330mg bacopa powder (standardized to 50% bacosides)
  • 120 caps per container
  • Vegan
  • Third-party tested
  • Buy Here


4. NOW Bacopa Extract

Here’s another potent standardized bacopa extract.  It is affordable and the NOW brand is generally good at maintaining a consistent quality.  They do not, however, seem to do any third-party testing for heavy metals.  All testing is done in-house with their own labs.

  • Contains: 450mg bacopa extract (standardized to minimum 40% bacosides)
  • 90 caps per container
  • Vegan
  • Buy Here


5. Himalaya Organic Bacopa Caplets

This bacopa supplement contains both powder from the entire herb and standardized bacopa extract.  Some people prefer this because it (theoretically) provides you with a larger variety of phytochemicals.  Note that there are only 60 caps per bottle, so it isn’t as affordable as some other bacopa supplements.

  • Contains: 500mg bacopa powder (whole plant) and 250mg bacopa extra (standardized to 24% bacosides)
  • 60 caps per container
  • Certified organic
  • Vegan
  • Buy Here


6. Herb Pharm Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract

Herb Pharm is a great brand when it comes to liquid extracts.  Their bacopa is extracted with alcohol.  Alcohol extracts have a longer shelf life than those from glycerin and generally withstand high temperatures better.  The menstruum ratio is fairly low though.

  • Cane alcohol extract
  • Menstruum ratio 1:5
  • 1oz bottle
  • Certified organic
  • Buy Here


7. Secrets of the Tribe Bacopa Liquid Extract

This is one of the few liquid bacopa extracts which is third-party tested.  It also comes in larger bottles to save you money.

  • Glycerin extract
  • Menstruum ratio 1:3
  • 4oz bottle
  • Third-party tested
  • Buy Here

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