Super Simple Turmeric Rice Recipe

turmeric rice recipe

Turmeric is one of the healthiest superfoods that you can eat with numerous health benefits that include increased immunity to reduced inflammation.   The root has a 4,500+ year history of medicinal use in India.  Today, most turmeric is still grown in Indian and features heavily in Indian cuisine.

Though turmeric has gained a lot of attention across the entire world for its health benefits, a lot of people in the Western world (who aren’t used to eating curries every day) might be at a loss about how to incorporate turmeric into their diets.

Turmeric has a bit of a bitter, earthy taste.  It pairs well with other pungent spices and herbs, such as cilantro (another superfood).  Turmeric is also amazing with coconut milk.  Eat this turmeric rice with a protein (such as chicken or tofu) that has been simmered in coconut milk.


Serves 2

  • 2 cups cooked rice (preferably whole grain rice)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder (I like this bulk organic turmeric powder)
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds
  • Pinch of curry leaves (buy here)
  • 2-3 green chilis (depending on how spicy you like it)
  • 4 tbsp oil
  • 2 bunches of fresh cilantro (or 2 tsp of dried cilantro)
  • Lime juice to taste (optional)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Cook the rice.  Remember that you’ll need to use more water for cooking whole grain rice — about 2 cups of water per 1 cup of dry rice.  When the rice is almost cooked, cover the pot and turn off the heat.  This will allow the rice to finish cooking in the hot pot without burning.
  2. Chop the onions and green chilis.
  3. Heat the oil and saute the onion.
  4. Add the cumin.  Let them cook for a couple of seconds.  They will crackle.
  5. Add the turmeric, curry leaves, and chilis.
  6. Lower the heat.  Cover and cook for a few minutes until the onions are soft.
  7. Add the rice and mix all the ingredients together.
  8. Top the rice with chopped fresh cilantro and a splash of lime juice.


Want to learn more? Read about the health benefits of turmeric here. If you are ready to get started with turmeric, I like this turmeric powder because it is organic, high quality, manufactured in the USA, guaranteed, yet still affordable.  You can buy it here.

Image credit: “poha” (CC BY 2.0) by rovingI

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