Best Fulvic Acid Supplements (Tested and with Verified Amounts)

best fulvic acid supplements

Fulvic acid is a complex natural compound with many known health benefits, especially for treating nutrient deficiencies and fighting inflammation. Because of this, a lot of really terrible brands of fulvic acid supplements have appeared.  Some of these don’t really contain as much fulvic acid as they imply or are complete gimmicks.

Here’s what you need to know to choose the right fulvic acid supplement along with the best fulvic acid supplements (there’s actually only 3 that are worth your money).

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How Are Fulvic Acid Supplements Made?

Fulvic acid used in supplements is usually extracted from shale rock deposits. The extraction process involves flushing the rock with a potassium solution and then concentrating the fulvic acid.  It is also possible to extract fulvic acid from coal, dirt, compost or even manure, but this fulvic acid is usually meant for agricultural use and not human consumption. (1, 2, 3)


Fulvic Acid vs. Humic Acid Supplements

Fulvic acid and humic acid are both made when microbes break down organic material.  Both have health benefits but, of the two, fulvic acid is considered to have more health benefits – mostly because it is better-absorbed by the body and has a higher oxygen content.

  • Fulvic acid: soluble in water at all pHs, light molecular weight, high oxygen content, yellowish in color
  • Humic acid: soluble in alkaline water, mid molecular weight, mid oxygen content, dark brown color


Why Do Some Supplements Contain Fulvic and Humic Acid?

The fulvic acid extraction process will also extract humic acid.  Instead of taking the extra step of isolating the fulvic acid, most supplement manufacturers just leave the humic acid in with the fulvic acid.  So, you get a supplement which contains both substances.

Good brands will do lab tests and list exactly how much of each you are getting.  Cheaper brands just list something like “fulvic/humic acid blend” on their ingredients.  These products could mostly contain humic acid, which means they won’t produce as good of results.


Fulvic Acid vs. Shilajit

Fulvic acid is the name of the chemical compound known to provide many health benefits.  Shilajit is a natural substance which contains a very high amount of fulvic acid.  Because shilajit must be found in nature, it tends to be much pricier than fulvic acid, which can be created in a lab setting.  Both can provide health benefits though.

Read more about the differences between fulvic acid and shilajit here.  Also see these best brands of shilajit.


Signs of a Quality Fulvic Acid Supplement

When choosing a fulvic acid supplement, don’t just look at the number of positive reviews (these are easy to fake or manipulate).  Instead, make sure you are paying attention to these signs of a quality fulvic acid.


Lists Exact Amount of Fulvic Acid

A good brand of fulvic acid will list exactly how much fulvic acid their product contains.   Cheap, less-reputable brands will list the combined amount of fulvic acid and humic acid.  You can’t be sure exactly how much of each is in the product.

Warning: Be on the lookout for brands which contain “fulvic acid solution.” For example, Trace Minerals Research brand claims to contain 250mg of “fulvic acid solution” per serving.  This does NOT mean it contains 250mg of fulvic acid.  The solution could contain just a tiny portion of actual fulvic acid.


Third Party Tested

Fulvic acid is extracted from natural materials like rocks or dirt.  Depending the source, you could end up with harmful substances in with the fulvic acid.  In 2021, for example, the FDA even advised consumers not to use fulvic acid from Black Oxygen Organics because of high levels of lead and arsenic. Some extraction methods also use chemicals which could end up in the final product.

A good brand of fulvic acid will do third-party testing (and provide test results upon request) to ensure there are no dangerous byproducts in the supplement.


Doesn’t Contain Zeolite

Fulvic acid is sometimes added with zeolite.  These products are often marketed as “detox supplements.”  While zeolite does have some benefits, it can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb minerals.  Thus, it could prevent you from absorbing the nutrients in fulvic acid.


Best Fulvic Acid Supplements

There actually aren’t that many good brands of fulvic acid, as most of them are deceptive in listing  how much fulvic acid their products actually contain or don’t provide third party testing.  Here are some of the better brands to choose from, listed from the top pick.


1. Drop Liquid Fulvic Acid

Drop is overall the best fulvic acid because it is one of the few brands to make their product in the USA from materials also sourced in the USA.  They provide 3rd party test results and a 10 drop serving provides 19mg of fulvic acid.

  • Serving size: 10 drops (0.5ml)
  • Servings per bottle: 118
  • Contains: Fulvic acid, 19mg per serving
  • Third party testing? Yes
  • Made in: USA
  • Derived from: Shale deposits located in USA
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Buy Here


2. Vital Earth Minerals Liquid Fulvic-Humic Minerals

Vital Earth Minerals sells bulk fulvic acid  supplements.  This one contains a blend of fulvic acid and humic acid.  Like the Drop brand,  it also lists the exact amounts and has third party testing results available.

The difference between Vital Earth Minerals and Drop is that Drop brand fulvic acid is much more concentrated. When converted to the same serving size, Vital Earth Minerals fulvic-humic acid gives 1.86mg per 10 drops whereas Drop has 19mg per 10 drops – nearly 10x stronger.  If you do the math, Drop usually ends up being cheaper per mg than Vital Earth Minerals (it depends on the current price).  But Vital Earth Minerals also contains humic acid, so the price balances out.

  • Serving size: 1fl oz drops (approx. 590 drops)
  • Servings per bottle: 32
  • Contains:
    • Fulvic acid: 110mg per serving
    • Humic acid: 30mg per serving
  • Third party testing? Yes
  • Made in: USA
  • Derived from: Vegetable biomass
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Buy Here


3. Enrich Fulvic Acid Capsules

Enrich is a lesser-known brand that generally has good reviews.  Their product has a very high concentration of fulvic acid and humic acid, as well as turmeric.  They would get listed higher on my picks if they provided more info about where they source their fulvic acid and about their company in general.  This is the only supplement that the company currently makes.

  • Serving size: 2 capsules
  • Servings per bottle: 30
  • Contains:
    • Turmeric: 600mg
    • Fulvic powder (40% fulvic acid): 200mg (80mg fulvic acid)
    • Humic powder (93% humic acid): 100mg (93mg humic acid)
  • Third party testing? Yes
  • Made in: USA
  • Derived from: Not listed
  • Buy Here


4. Outback Naturals Store Humic and Fulvic Acid

This is a lesser-known brand of supplements, and they don’t list the exact amount of fulvic acid versus humic acid in their products.  However, their capsules do contain a high amount of the blend.  I’d still recommend getting the Drop brand, but this is a good option if you really want to take capsules instead of a liquid fulvic acid.

  • Serving size: 2 capsules
  • Servings per bottle: 30
  • Contains:
    • Fulvic and humic acid: 1400mg
  • Third party testing? Not listed
  • Made in: USA
  • Derived from: Not listed
  • Buy Here



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